Basic Heal

We have got some exciting stuff!

Photo Editor

Elevate Your Photography
Discover an Intuitive Photo Editor Workflow. Import, Enhance, and Transform Your Images Effortlessly. Explore Filters, Retouching, and Sharing Tools for Stunning Results Try Photoshop Express Today!

Face Retouch

Flawless Beauty, Effortlessly Achieved
Photoshop Express Face Retouch Workflow. Refine Skin, Remove Blemishes, Portrait and Enhance Features with Precision. Unveil Your Best Self in Every Shot Try Photoshop Express Today!

Combine Photos

Seamlessly Merge creations
Create Professional Stunning Compositions with Easy Import, Layering, and Blending. Craft Unique Visual Narratives Effortlessly Try Photoshop Express Today!


Craft Your Collage Masterpiece
Explore the Photoshop Express Collage Workflow. Seamlessly Arrange, Layer, and Blend Photos for Captivating Visual Stories Try Photoshop Express Today!


Capture, Enhance, Excel
Unveil the Photoshop Express Camera Workflow. Elevate Your Photography Game with Real-time Filters, Precise Controls, and Instant Enhancements Try Photoshop Express Today!

We've got exciting features!


Get into the looks!
Choose from a variety of eye-catching preset looks from Matte to Retro. Tap through and let Photoshop Express work its magic, and adjust to make them just right for you Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Electrifying color duos
The Split Tone tool lets you select colors to achieve a stunning gradient look on your photos. Use the two color selectors to find which colors you like for highlights and shadows. Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Maintain some mystery
Blur out your photos or use the advanced option to choose between your subject and background to control the focal point. Slide to adjust blur intensity Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Set the mood
Add framing that brings dramatic focus to your photos. Adjust the Vignette settings and create unique outlines for your pictures Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Basic Heal

Heal, conceal, and touch up
Our basic Heal feature smooths out areas to give you a quick and easy touch up. The Clone Stamp can enhance your photos by healing blemishes, airbrush, blending texture, and more. Zoom in and get to work! Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Get the right fit
Manually crop your photos or select one of our preset aspects to ensure your photos are correct for every timeline, project, or profile. Explore the crop options, select what you need, and even enhance them with our teeth whitener for that perfect smile Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Did you blink?
Correct those closed-eye and mid-blink photos with the Replace Eye and red eye corrector feature. Swipe through the different eye options to find which one suits you best. Or try it just for fun Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Put a stamp on it
We've got sticker options galore. Swipe through our collection and place any sticker you need to bring more character to your creations. Start by selecting a category Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Skin Smoothing

Get the flawless skin look
Tap into the smooth or smoother options for automatic skin smoothing. If you’re only looking to smooth some areas, manually touch to smooth anywhere on your photo and adjust with brush size refinement and the eraser tool for precision Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Patch Heal

Tidy up your background
Use the Patch Heal tool to erase any unwanted objects from your photo and achieve that clean background look Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Head Tilt-Face

Tilt a little this way
Adjust your head tilt in our Face Retouch tools. You can slide to adjust width, placement, and rotate to get the perfect tilt angle. Test out the detailed Face Retouch options Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Makeup Lips

Digital makeup touch ups
Apply lipstick colors with our Makeup Retouch tool. Select a color and refine your lip shape to get the perfect lipstick application. Try on your favorite shade! Try Photoshop Express Today!
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In a whirl
When an element of your photo needs a slight adjustment give it a tilt with the Twirl tool. Achieve a perfectly symmetrical background or take it a creative step further and use it to get the liquify effect! Drag the slider to see what Twirl can do Try Photoshop Express Today!
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FaceAware Liquify-lips Smile

Add a smile
Our Face Retouch options allow you to make detailed edits to your facial features. Tap the lip edits and try adding (or softening) a smile using the slider Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Get Artistic
Tap into your inner artist and create stunning artwork on your pictures by adding your own doodles. Select a preset or create your own brush and get creative! Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Customize your background
Cut out the subject of your photo and replace your background with color, gradient, pattern, or a new photo! Select subjects to cut out and add layers to test it out Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Transform your photos background editor
Change your background, rearrange subjects, and add layers, all in the Combine Photos workflow. Try the features and completely transform your pictures with ease Try Photoshop Express Today!
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What is the vibe?
Select one of our various themes to generate unique, creative graphics including photo collage, instagram collage. Customize them to your liking by playing with stickers, adding overlays, and creating your own text and. Explore the categories, share photos and get started Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Lay it all out
Select the photos for your collage and choose from a fun variety of classic, grid, and freestyle auto-generated layouts Try Photoshop Express Today!
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Feed-worthy moodboards
We'll work our magic by cutting out the subjects of your photos, and you can show off your creativity by customizing the rest! Add stickers, text, a background, and more Try Photoshop Express Today!
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